Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 3 : bookmarking with Delicious....yum!

Social Bookmarking Journey...........wanna join?

I can’t believe week 3 has nearly passed so quickly. For the past three weeks, I have learned a large amount of innovative teaching methods using technology. I love to read all the assignment articles too. Guess what, I have learned something delicious this week! It is yummy just as I have a special feast in an Internet party. I found out about an amazing website called Delicious which is a popular social bookmarking site. What I like about this site is saving all my favorite web links in my Delicious account and I can access them anytime on any online computer. I’m so thrilled to know such a great place to have a collection of my selection websites. I used a notebook and pieces of sticker paper to note down all the useful web addresses. Yes, this is my antique way. It’s funny and boring, isn’t it? And worse, I keep losing those pieces of paper as frankly speaking, I’m not very good at handling all my paper neat and order. Sometimes when I don’t bother to tidy my desk, it is always with piles of paper for the corrections (students’ work corrections are one of the priority parts in my school) and of course, lots and lots of pieces of sticker paper with frequently used website links instead of family and friends’ photos. Well now, luckily, my work place will be neat and tidy and no more bits and pieces. Thanks to Delicious and Webskills 2012 for giving me such an amazing tool which is definitely useful for me and makes me happy. Lately, I’m busy adding all the useful links to my account and it’s really fantastic to see all my colleagues’ links. Now I need to do some stacks to categorize all the related links into groups. I’m so interested in delicious that I found some top tips which will make you more convenient using Delicious from  Here they are:

     5 Tips to use Delicious

  •  Write Great Titles 
  • Add a Great Description                     
  •  Use Relevant Tags

  •  Ask for Bookmarks

  •  Make Friends

You can see the detailed explanations of each tip on the above link. It’ll worth a try, trust me! 

I’ve found another interesting link ‘Top 10 ways to use Delicious’ from So now, I’m going to add my favorite links and discover new and useful sites from other users’ archives. What about you?


  1. Hi Zun Phyu,
    Week 3 has passed so quickly, because we had so much fun. We finally have to turn to the cloud to store our favorite sites. Another way to keep documents, PDFs or any type of files is The only thing is that the free version only lets you save up to 2Gb.
    PS: I love your blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing a good link Nando, I'll try it out. I'm so glad to know all the useful links from all of you. :)

  3. I am also in the process of stacking. It is a fantastic tool! I have also gotten into the habit of collecting useful links for my students for each course in senior high school and these I display on the front page of our blog. I wouldn't share links in too many places, it gets confusing. Good luck with the stacking, I will definitely take a look at your links!

  4. Hi Anna, thanks for dropping by. I think that most of us benefit a lot from Delicious. It is awesome! I look forward to learning more amazing tools and getting fantastic teaching tips and ideas in the coming week.

  5. Zun Phyu,
    I feel so identified with having pieces of paper and post-sticks to write down websites I dont want to forget (may be personal or professional reasons). I loved Delicious too.