Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 1 : blogging and teaching ...........

It has been four days I am attending the course. Even in the first week, I learned a lot of new online teaching techniques. I think creating the class discussion through Nicenet will be a good useful tool for creating online teaching and learning environment. Even though I am attending a distance course, I feel really close to my tutor and peers when discussing the focused topics. Thanks to my tutor, Janine who is always there to make our course lively with the clear detailed instructions. I like the way most of the course structures are created using the user-friendly Google applications. Now I know how to create survey form using Google application. The most favourite part of this week task is creating my own blog. Before this, the only place I express my feelings and opinions online is on facebook where I can share my status with my colleagues and friends. I have never reflected about my professional experience using the technology. However, I always wanted to make my own blog one day. And I never try to use blog as I thought that it would be difficult to handle one. Now I am writing on my lovely blog and I feel wonderful and proud of myself being part of this course. Still, I really want to explore more about changing the beautiful template for my blog.
I found that writing is more fun and enjoyable on this blog. So, I can't wait to tell my students about this fantastic online tool which can definitely improve their writing skill. And I really like the fact from the reading article "Blogging for ELT" which says, With weblogs, students can find themselves writing for a real audience that, apart from the teacher, may include their peers, students from other classes, or even other countries, their parents, and potentially anyone with access to the Internet. 

I think that my students will enjoy writing more if they have the real audience who can reply, give comments and appreciate their works. I bet they won't even notice that they are practicing one of the language skills.

Well, that's all for this week. I'm going to add my blog to my course wiki and nicenet now. This first week is full of surprising and amazing online tools I have learned. I can't wait for the next week.  


  1. Hello Zun Phyu,
    I love your first post. I feel pretty much the same way. I feel very close to all my peers and tutor Janine. The only difference is probably that I think I have a little experience in using webtools but apart from that I feel really excited to be with you all in this online course.

    1. Hi Fernando,
      Thanks. I am also need to learn a lot about webtools as technology plays a big role nowadays. I hope to use various e-learning tools effectively in my class and for my professional development. I'm really happy to have a chance to meet with all of you in this course.

  2. Hi Zun Phyu, it looks as if you have found your medium! I can "hear" the enthusiasm in your voice when I read your words. And I love your comment about your students not noticing that the are practicing language skills. I always think the most successful class is one where my students are so engaged in the task that they forget they are practicing English! Beautiful blog!

    1. Yes! My tutor thinks my first blog is beautiful. :)
      Thanks Janine. I love this online course. I'll surely gain lots of innovative teaching skills here.

  3. Hi Zun Phyu
    I am glad to comment on your post and its very nice where i feel practicing what you talking about where i am using this experince to improve my English :)

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi Nasser,
    yes, we can definitely improve our English by blogging. It's a whole new experience.