Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ongoing project with one-computer lessons and learner autonomy in week 7

Here I am again, ready to reflect my learning experience during this week. Frankly, I was awed by a variety of technology tools I learned from this course every week. I had a great chance to discuss the valuable facts about pedagogical matters as well as innovative technology tools throughout the course. This week, I was struggled a bit to finish all the tasks with my project and work. However, my hope and passion towards learning gives me strong energy to accomplish any challenging tasks. Thanks to my family and friends who always encourage and help me. I would like to thank my tutor Janine here for giving us sincere complimentary and we can see how she is willing to help us out in every situations. Well, I know this is not our final week yet I feel so grateful for everything that happens to me that I can’t hold my genuine feelings. Frankly, taking an online distance course was a huge change of learning situations for me. There are times when I want to see my tutor and colleagues and talk about everyday learning experience during the course. Maybe this is the reason I like blogging where I can express my feelings and share ideas. 

“I never teach my students. I simply provide the situations in which they can learn.” Einstein

In week 7, we discussed about learner autonomy which is one of the teachers’ favorite topics. We all agree that learners’ awareness of their own learning plays the important role in learning language effectively.  I think any learning process will be successful if learners are really interested in their own learning. It is very important for teachers to help learners aware of their own learning. Janine highlighted the reality of teacher and learner autonomy that ‘The challenge lies in making it happen. There are various reasons for this: students are unused to this role, teachers don't have the autonomy they need, teachers may not know how to train their students to be more autonomous, etc.’ All these facts are essential to consider seriously for the development of learner autonomy. In my country, it is a huge challenge for teachers to create autonomy in the learning environment. Most of the students used to depend on teachers a lot. They are trying to get the answers from teachers instead of solving out the problem on their own. Teachers mostly provide the answer to the students and there are many reasons for doing so as they may not know about learner autonomy and they do not have their autonomy. I think we should do a big change in our education system to promote learner autonomy. For doing this, teachers also need to have their autonomy out of the limited rules of curriculum and school administrators to have more flexible teaching practices. This week reading article provides a good example with Samuel P-HSheu who tries to develop learner autonomy within these set constraints. He also suggests that it is better to leave the learner autonomy until students reach the freer atmosphere of a university or college, and the increased maturity. To nurture good learner autonomy, teachers and learners should have it in the early stage of the learning. 
What is more, I really like reading What is Learner Autonomy and HowCan It Be Fostered?’ by Dimitrios Thanasoulas. The author stated that ‘It is noteworthy that autonomy can be thought of in terms of a departure from education as a social process, as well as in terms of redistribution of power attending the construction of knowledge and the roles of the participants in the learning process.’ Therefore, we should consider seriously about the roles of learner to be aware of their own learning process. And also don't forget that teachers can be good role models for students so tell them the experience of your own learning. 

 No computer lab needed. Just one is super!

Another discussion thread for this week is promoting technology in the classroom that is creating one-computer lesson. The topic is well suited with my project in which I am teaching one-computer lesson for language practices using Internet resources. It helps me to have better lessons by showing how I can manage the one-computer class. This whole week, students absolutely enjoy learning in a new learning style. We had lessons in the class with one computer, in the video room where there is a computer and display unit of LCD screen and in the computer room. Fortunately, there wasn’t any problem of technology or Internet connection except for the last day. On Friday, the connection was down so I had to use my backup plan. Anyway, it is very useful to know the advantages of using one-computer classroom. In fact, using technology in the class can benefit for both teacher and students. I can use computer as an administrative tool for doing word processing, researching, lesson preparation, communicating, presentation, saving data etc. The thing I particularly like about is that using computer as stations for students. I absolutely like the idea of communication and information station. Earlier in the course, I am fascinated to create keypals communication system in my class. Thus, students can get a real communication with the real world as well as practicing the language. I found this wonderful blog about ‘6 Ways to TurnYour 1-Computer Classroom Into a Global Communication Center’. It is definitely worth reading this one if you are interested in transforming into global learning style in your classroom. Besides, computer can be used as a resource tool for getting all kinds of information. Students can be used CD-ROM encyclopedia for research, pictures, video and sound clips, etc. and of course using Internet to access libraries, projects, databases, addresses, etc. All these ideas are amazing! I found some of the great websites about one-computer classroom and I invite you to check them out in my Delicious

I am genuinely grateful for all the things that happened right now in my life. Thanks to my lovely tutor Janine, my dear colleagues and my beloved family and friends. I know this is not the final week yet... let’s continue our learning and sharing in the future, shall we?


  1. Hello Zun,

    At the very beginning, I have to say that it is very relaxing and very interesting to read your reflections for every week. There are very informative and very rewarding ones. I also want to thank our tutor Janine who always gives us so encouraging comments and she is always ready to help us understand the matter.
    Referring to Week 7, I must admit that I have no any word about it. It was fabulous. We upgraded our knowledge and we stand on so solid ground. Learners' autonomy is something I always like to discuss about because I do my best in order to help my students to become independent learners. At first, as you said in your Nicenet post, we should start to help our students to become autonomous learners from their early stages of learning. In think that we should also explain our students that making the mistakes is nothing bad. We all learn from mistakes whether in our lives or in school.

    Everything the best


    1. Dear Rade,

      Thank you for giving me such an encouraging and warm comment every week. You are a very hardworking teacher and learner in our course. It is no doubt that you always try your best in teaching interesting lessons to your students.
      Wish you success in everything.

  2. Hello Zun,
    I agree with Rade your post are always great to read, becuase you always give positive insights on every topic discussed or learned during the week.
    I'm a strong believer in autonomous learning. As matter of fact, I had to quit a 10 year old job, becuase the school I used to teach in wouldn't let me or my students be autonomous.
    I found a new job but I still believe and support autonomous learning.
    Have a great week.

    1. Dear Nando,

      Who knows that this week topic might be coincidence with your life story? I’m impressed that you strongly believe in yourself for making choices in life. I’m sure you had a very good reason for doing so. I honestly feel sorry for your old school that they lose a very good teacher like you. :)

      Wish you all the best.

  3. I totally feel you in regards on wanting to meet up face to face with tutor and classmates. We are so used to this kind of interaction. And as you wrote, it is good to have these blogs and emails to write to each other.

    Thanks for the tip of this website The Innovative Educator! Really liked it. I shall add it to my Delicious.